Average Kilometres Going Down

Some people believe deciding on a used vehicle means you’re going to be driving a secondhand vehicle that has a lot of kilometres on it. The more a vehicle has driven, the more opportunity there was for wear and tear. The good news for shoppers comparing a new car to a used car is the average amount of kilometres on used cars has been dropping since 2012. In other words, you’re more likely than ever to find an affordable used vehicle with low kilometres.

Newer Vehicles Being Sold

If you’re considering a used vehicle but want something a modern, you’re going to be happy to hear that the average used vehicle available at dealerships is 3-years-old or newer. These newer vehicles will have modern technology and features, low kilometres, and go for thousands less than a similar model that’s brand new.

Prices are Dropping

Compared to new vehicles, used cars, trucks, and SUVs can be a real bargain for car shoppers. Apparently, that secret got out a few years ago and used vehicle prices began to rise. That trend has leveled off and used car prices are starting to drop on average. Take advantage of this trend and get a great deal on a high-quality used vehicle.