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Mr Automotives Provides Fast And Easy Online Car Financing Approvals!

We Have Access To Thousands Of Domestic And Imported Vehicles Through Our Extensive Network Of Dealer Partners

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We Offer Quick Credit Approvals

Mr Automotives is an automotive dealership dedicated to helping customers get approved for their ideal vehicle regardless of their credit situation. We also take great pride in giving our customers many more options than other dealerships by allowing them to use their approval to shop for a vehicle for 30 days. We will help our customers buy any vehicle even if it’s on another dealerships lot!

Where Are We

Mr Automotives Is Currently Servicing
All Eastern Canadian Provinces From Ontario East.

About Mr. Automotives

We guarantee the best prices on vehicles compared to our local competition! We also give many more options making it much easier to get both the exact vehicle your looking for and the best price all in one easy stop.

Mr Automotives is on of the only dealerships that helps customers get approved and then allows them to shop with this approval for 30 days. We will also help you source any specific vehicle that your interested in even if it’s not something that we have in inventory.

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Who Can Be our Client?

Mr Automotives Helps People From All Walks Of Life Get Vehicles.

Smart Financing, Leasing And Selling Options!