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Cross-Check Cancer fundraiser tops $16,000.

Bruce Hallihan – The Daily Gleaner – February 26, 2018


Michele Berry didn’t want to jinx a fundraising drive by the Fredericton Mr. Automotive Bantam AAA Caps by publicly stating a financial goal.

But she admits now she was hoping Cross-Check Cancer, in support of two families affected by cancer, would raise “maybe $5,000 to $8,000.”

Berry underestimated the community’s benevolence for the fathers of Caps forwards Owen Tran and Zander Best — Dr. Peter Tran and James Best, who are are undergoing cancer treatments.

The proceeds from Sunday’s game against the North West Pionniers at York Arena generated a whopping $16,400, which will go towards the two families, as well as as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada.

Peter stayed for the whole game and James made it almost to the end,” Berry said. “They were extremely grateful and I think had a really good time.”

An estimated crowd of 700 made for a memorable day for the players.

Berry, who spearheaded the fundraiser along with fellow hockey moms Lisa Brewer and Angela Leaman, said her son, defenceman Ben Soke, “thought it was really cool to have that many people there,” she said.

I asked him ‘Did it make it better or did it make you nervous?’ He said, ‘No, it made it way better.’”

The 50/50 winners, Kari and Peter Clark, donated the $689 prize back to the event.



“That was such a nice gesture,” Berry said. “People were dropping $100 bills in the donation box, the canteen and prize table did really well, as did the chuck a puck contest.

“It was just a good day all-around. Everything went as well as it could have.”

EDZA West president Ray Arseneau said, “I was so impressed with how that team rallied around two families and brought together our community for such a great cause.

“Years from now, those players will not likely remember the score but will remember how important it is to be a good citizen,” Arseneau said. “I salute head coach Trent Brewer, his staff, and their entire parent group. A big shout out to our entire hockey community for being part of this.”

Owen Tran scored the game’s first goal after being set up by Zander Best.

“How beautiful is that?” Arseneau said.

Best added an empty-net goal with 44 seconds left to clinch a 4-2 victory.

Xzander Pierce and Demitri Shakotko also scored for the Caps to back winning goalie Zachary Major, who made 27 saves. The Caps, who also beat North West 5-3 on Saturday, now sit first in the eight-team Irving Oil bantam AAA minor provincial league with one game remaining.

Fredericton has a 20-1-6 record for 46 points, one more than the 21-3-3 Moncton Scorpions. North West is third at 14-10-4.

Need More Reasons to Buy a Used Vehicle? Here are Three You Can’t Ignore!

Average Kilometres Going Down

Some people believe deciding on a used vehicle means you’re going to be driving a secondhand vehicle that has a lot of kilometres on it. The more a vehicle has driven, the more opportunity there was for wear and tear. The good news for shoppers comparing a new car to a used car is the average amount of kilometres on used cars has been dropping since 2012. In other words, you’re more likely than ever to find an affordable used vehicle with low kilometres.

Newer Vehicles Being Sold

If you’re considering a used vehicle but want something a modern, you’re going to be happy to hear that the average used vehicle available at dealerships is 3-years-old or newer. These newer vehicles will have modern technology and features, low kilometres, and go for thousands less than a similar model that’s brand new.

Prices are Dropping

Compared to new vehicles, used cars, trucks, and SUVs can be a real bargain for car shoppers. Apparently, that secret got out a few years ago and used vehicle prices began to rise. That trend has leveled off and used car prices are starting to drop on average. Take advantage of this trend and get a great deal on a high-quality used vehicle.

How to Rebuild YOUR Credit with an Auto Loan

1. Why Consider an Auto Loan?

Did you know that working with the right auto loan company can actually help rebuild your credit within months to a year? That’s right; it can help put you back on track by improving your credit score and reducing interest rates on existing debt.

2. Don’t Hesitate to Call or Fill Out an Application

The saying of ‘it never hurts to ask’ is definitely true when it comes to applying for an auto loan.  You might be hesitant to call or fill out an application, but without doing so you’ll never know the opportunities of what an auto loan can do for you personally and financially. However, it is important to know that you should only apply to one lender to avoid potentially lowering your credit score.

3. It’s Not About the Interest Rate, It’s About What You Get Out of An Auto Loan

Sometimes seeing a high interest rate can be scary. We’ve all been there before. But when it comes to an auto loan and improving your credit, there are important factors to consider outside of what you’re paying your auto loan for. So try to look at the big picture of re-establishing your credit for the future financial benefits and credits.

4. Choosing the Right Auto Loan Provider

This section is probably the most challenging of them all. With so many auto loan providers out there, how do you make the decision on who to work with to finance your next vehicle? Make sure that the company has been in business for several years, is reputable, and is a real auto loan company with their own vehicle inventory that they can sell you. Finding a company that is willing to work with you by putting the time and effort in, and navigating you through the approval process is a must have.

5. Additional Incentives

The final thing to look at when considering working with an auto loan provider is to ask about any additional incentives that come with the auto loan. For example, are they offering a 30 day vehicle exchange – where if you’re not satisfied with the vehicle for whatever reason then you can simply exchange it with no questions asked?

So there you have it. We hope that these 5 quick tips to getting an auto loan are helpful to you.

At Mr Automotives we value our customers and take pride in our 99% application approval rating. At the end of the day, it’s all about you, our customer, and working together to rebuild credit and giving you the vehicle you’ve always wanted.

Rebuild Your Credit With Auto Loans

When a person has a low credit score rating, it can be very tough to get a credit card or a loan through regular means. Obtaining a car loan is typically much easier. This is because car dealerships have many lenders that they work with, and enough that they can find an interest rate that will please the customer, even though it may be a little higher. Car loan lenders also know that their loans are secured by vehicles as well.

If you consider how credit scores are calculated, car loans are a great way to re-establish your credit score. History of payments make up 35% of your credit score, and diversity another 10% – meaning that having a car loan helps your credit grow in two different categories!

Another way a car loan can help you rebuild your credit is that your spending will not get out of control. This is an “indirect” way, but it helps nonetheless. The fact of the matter is that you need credit in order to build your credit rating. Car loans are not a form of “revolving” credit and therefore can help you build your credit without making purchases that are detrimental to your financial health. With an auto loan your payments are set at a certain amount each month, and you are not given access to any extra credit.

When you get an auto loan it is crucial that you make your payments on time every single month. Do not be tempted to use the grace period. A grace period gives you more time to make your payment. For example, your payment date may be the 15th, with a grace period of the 20th. This means you can actually pay the payment on the 20th without receiving a late charge. You should instead make sure you make the payment on the 15th and do not use this grace period, as in the long run it can affect your credit score.

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